Baseball 9 Baseball Game for Android/iOS

Baseball 9 best Baseball game on Mobile is released by Playus Soft. The Game gives you a vibrant atmosphere like a baseball match that you usually watch on TV. The game adheres to the basic laws of a traditional baseball game.

Each team consisted of nine players, and the two teams alternately defensive and attacked. The guest team is the first attack. The goal of this game is to score, the player sticks to hit the ball and runs through the base with the clockwise reverse direction. The number of golf you run through corresponds to the score you won.

Baseball 9

In-game controls

During a match you will take on the two main roles. The first is the pitcher. In this role, you have to throw the ball to the enemy without the chance of a hit, and your ball trap must be your throw. There are various throwing techniques for you to choose from including:

  • FB: Fast ball.
  • Sl: Sider.
  • FRK: Throwing fork.
  • Change-Up: Speed shift to fool batter.

Polishing (batter) is not an easy task, and it is harder if you want to hit a home run. There are four basic types of polishing:

  • Contact
  • Power
  • Left-Bunt
  • Right-Bunt

Baseball 9 has so many other fun things to explore. The graphics of the game are incredibly beautiful with 3D graphics and crisp images. Each match promises to give you a lot of fun and special feelings. If you are a passionate fan of baseball then Baseball 9 is the game you can not miss.

Download Baseball 9 for Android/iOS

Developer: playus soft
Price: Free
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Baseball 9 Baseball Game for Android/iOS
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