Blocky Farm Gaming Farm graphics style Minecraft for Android/iOS

Blocky Farm a farm game with a graphic platform in the form of a Minecraft-like block. Game is really interesting. This game will turn you into a manager, be assigned an old farm and your mission is to re-establish and develop it.

Especially this farm is where the main character in the game once had a childhood there, playing with pets, exploring the warehouse and many other wonderful things. And now, when it was big, the character became its owner and had to do all the way for it to thrive.

Blocky Farm

How to play games

At first you will need to take the time to repair works in farms such as chicken cages, storage containers, garage… To be able to use it. Once you’re ready, you’ll embark on your farm’s development from the very first steps. You need to learn in-game actions, they are not too difficult for you to follow.

Like other farm games, Blocky Farm allows you to perform many exciting activities in your farm. Starting from planting trees, watering, harvesting up to pet care, designing yourself farms and making friends with other neighbors.

This game consists of 2 game modes. The first mode allows you to take care of your farm anytime no network connection is required. The remaining mode allows you to interact and visit your neighbor’s farms when an Internet connection is available. The combination of offline and online gameplay makes it possible for players to actively play Blocky Farm in anywhere.

Game Highlights

  • Farm management and supply of raw materials and agricultural products for neighbouring towns
  • Pet Care
  • Auto Driving Harvest Car
  • Join online events, compete with other players
  • Beautiful, vibrant 3D graphics
  • Playable at any time with offline mode
  • Support up to 60 fps
  • Save farm progress to iCloud and Google Drive

The game features a glamorous, stylish picture. You will start quite simply but will experience many things really interesting and insightful. If you want to experience this game, you can install it through the App Store and Google Play.

Download Blocky Farm for Android/iOS

Blocky Farm
Blocky Farm
Developer: Jet Toast
Price: Free
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Blocky Farm Gaming Farm graphics style Minecraft for Android/iOS
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