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Silly Walks The most amazing thing she loves on the phone titles it’s the simplicity of it. By focusing on a limited gameplay, mobile titles give us a new and in-depth experience.

What do you think if there is a lovely adventure game that’s just plain, but also fascinating? Silly Walks is a title game released by Part Time Monkey, which focuses on the hugely cute animated adventure of familiar dishes in the kitchen.

Missions and challenges

To rescue your friends, you’ll have to take part in a long journey, with the rows of tasks being laid out from easy to hard, including tasks like kicking into a cup, collecting road blocks, avoiding being cut off by sharp knives and Hammer banging meat… To collect gold stars.

There are many levels of challenging you, and every day you overcome them, you will unlock new missions with harder obstacles. For example, you will meet a pot of red heat along the way and you need to unplug the plug from the electric drive if you want to pass, or will meet a giant cat that will attack you at any time. The more it progresses, the more challenging and many dangerous monsters will begin to appear.

Silly Walks

There will be kitchen monsters that will attack you on detection and they will chase you up until you destroy them. You don’t have the ability to attack them. To cut their tails, you need to trick them into traps that are placed in any position and cause them to be destroyed.


The control mechanism in Silly Walks is fairly straightforward, consisting of two main ways of movement: walking and surfing. To walk, you have to touch the screen, and to glide away, you only need to swipe real fast. It can be simple, but it’s much more complicated than what you thought. You will rotate around 1 of your legs, until you tap the screen and you will switch to the other leg. Be very careful when moving away from the table, the game is over. The movements in the game are high-sensitivity, requiring accuracy in each tap.

Download Silly Walks


Silly Walks
Silly Walks
Developer: Part Time Monkey
Price: Free
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Download Silly Walks Madness for Android/iOS
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