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In the game Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior, you will have to control a stickman hero to fight against both the old and new enemies in order to take the title of the Dark Warrior. I don’t know what this guy did that many people hate him to want to destroy? But alone do not care much, just know that Stickman’s journey will be very difficult, would you like to help him?

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior


The gameplay of this game is relatively simple, somewhat cluttered but fun. The game is divided into multiple threads, each of which is a challenge based on the tasks mentioned in each stage. The ultimate goal is to achieve the belts after completing all assigned tasks in each of them. Once you are done, you will go to the next set and receive new tasks, and get a higher rank belt. All you have to do is kill all the enemies you encounter and try to earn a lot of rewards.

It seems simple, but it’s not easy! You can not kill the enemy as soon as he sees him. You have to notice the little black dots under the enemy’s Stickman, as soon as these dots turn white, it is time you have to attack and kill him. If you can’t finish him while the little dot is white, and let it turn black, you’ll attack it again. So be very wise.

Arsenal and armed equipment

You can’t rely solely on your hands, there’s an arsenal of weapons and armor to help you reach the goal on your big journey. There are plenty of weapons suitable to create the combo “hack and slash” eye-catching and efficient. Head Smasher, Thunder Fury and Ponchaxe are extremely dangerous weapons that you will have the opportunity to use.

However, to use them, you’ll need to unlock them by winning a lot of wins in the game. It is impossible not to use weapons that earn victory, it is extremely necessary to fight off fearsome enemies. So let’s continue winning the game to unlock more weapons.

Download Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior for Android/iOS


Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior
Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior
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Download Stick Fight Shadow Warrior for Android/iOS
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