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Tiny Battleground is an incredibly unique role-playing action game that takes players to fierce battles in the LEGO world of toys. Publisher 4399enGame has blown a new wind into the current game market, between the familiar action titles that we often meet daily. Let’s explore the special things in this game right here in the review section below.

Not only is it simply a simple action role-playing game, Tiny Battleground is a combination of three extremely dining gameplay at the present time IO, MOBA and survival. You’ll probably be wondering: How could these three gameplay be interwoven together in the same game? The answer is completely possible with Tiny Battleground. First, in each battle, you have to kill as many enemies as possible. Enemies are not just other players but also the AI of the game. Kill each target, you will earn a lot of energy for yourself to level up as well as increase strength. The higher the level your opponent kills, the more energy you get.

Tiny Battleground

Unique character System

Tiny Battleground gives players a very unique class of characters. Sure, before you step into the game you’ll be choosing one of the most exciting characters. The game has a full range of characters, along with these are totally different powers.

Essentially, the character line of Tiny Battleground consists of warrior, witch, gunner, Robot, Ninja,… Each character owns the same attack and defensive index. However these metrics will evolve differently in the process you get energy. You can even use your skill to turn into a giant fire dragon, sweep everything on the map.

Simple graphics

Although owning 3D graphics, Tiny Battleground’s graphics are quite simple rather than detailed. Characters are created in the form of 8-bit graphics, which resemble Minecraft titles. In particular, the scenery as well as styling in this fun LEGO-style game, which helps you to get back to childhood through the fascinating gameplay.

Download Tiny Battleground for Android/iOS


Tiny Battleground
Tiny Battleground
Developer: 4399enGame
Price: Free
Tiny Battleground
Tiny Battleground
Developer: 4399TH
Price: Free+


Download Tiny Battleground for Android/iOS
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