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Fishing is a nice way to relax after a week of work fatigue and stress. Unfortunately this pleasure requires one thing that not only balance, it’s time. But it’s okay. The Fish Master! will help you to experience this exciting subject even if you have only one free minute.

The Voodoo publisher has gained a lot of success with titles based on physical mechanics like the Helix Jump, and this is the first time they produce a fishing game. Do not know whether this game brings the relaxing moments to the player like some other fishing games have ever done?

Become a fishing Master

In The Fish Master!, you’ll become an old man who has a Viking-like beard sitting fishing on a large lake somewhere in the world. Slide your finger on the screen to drop the sentence, then tap to drag the cord. And of course, you have to hope that some fish have bitten the sentence.

But the way the sentence of this game has special mechanisms. I think it’s more like a betting game than a fishing game. Before dropping the sentence, you have to choose one of three long sentences, the strength and a free fishing line. The long verse blade will go down deeper, helping you to get a chance to take the rare fish at the bottom of the lake.

The Fish Master!

The power sentence helps you to hook a lot of fish at once. However you have to pay to use these two blades, so when the amount is not enough, you are required to use the free blade. You have to calculate how to accomplish the objectives that the game sets out, otherwise you will lose money without getting anything.


Similar to other Voodoo games, The Fish Master! is made up of simple images that have been heavily dropped in detail. Simple graphics, soothing colour gamut will help you relax. The game takes you to places with a lot of fish all over the world, sitting on a boat, listening to classical music and waiting for fish to bite.

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The Fish Master!
The Fish Master!
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Get The Fishing game The Fish Master! For Android/iOS
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