GRID Autosport-Car graphics Racing Game 1

Referring to the racing genre, unable to mention the games of the family, such as Asphalt, Need for Speed, Real Racing… But would be a flawed if not to mention other racing titles. And the Autosport GRID is one of which, the game bears a distinct color with super powerful graphics and classic gameplay – a classic for racing genre.

Grid Autosport Capital is a racing game developed by Codemasters, support for Windows, Mac, PS4 and Xbox. Later, it was developed to carry a racing experience to the mobile platform, namely the game has launched the IOS version.


In the Autosport GRID, you will be reforming into a car racer that begins to build up your own racing career in career mode. From easy-to-hard gameplay, you’ll be challenged to challenge yourself in a race that is divided into more than 100 different routes, creating speed chase in the city, speeding up to incredible , or sometimes accidents.

GRID Autosport

The control in the game has nothing to say, you just need to know is that it’s perfect and there’s nothing that’s a demerit. The game also allows players to change many different angles of view to be able to admire the beauty of this game.

Car system

To the racing game, it must be any player who wishes to unlock the most supercars. Automotive types in Autosport GRID are quite varied, which are divided into class with different powers. Some prominent vehicles such as BTCC (class C), Stock car Brasil (class A), V8 Supercars (Super tourers), Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 (Class B), Ford GT40 Mk I… The Autosport GRID has a total of 103 vehicles at the present time, which is also the second game in the line with no Toyota cars.


There’s nothing to discuss, GRID Autosport with Asphalt-cut graphics, Need for Speed, Real Racing or any other racing game. This game is built on the most advanced 3d graphics platform, which also focuses on the design of all detail, even layers of paint, shadows and other physical effects. During the course of the game, I saw after the collision, the car was scratched a little, which made the car in the game look very real.

The Autosport GRID is an essential game at the moment to show the true power of mobile devices, most of which are iOS streams. Currently, to play the Autosport GRID, you need to have a device running IOS 11 upwards with 6 GB drum capacity, adding DLC will require an additional 8 GB of free space.

The Autosport GRID is ready for download!

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GRID Autosport-Car graphics Racing Game 1
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