PUBG Mobile Vietnam Best Survival Game

PUBG Mobile is one of the best survival shooters at present. Keeping TOP 1 on THE RANKINGS, this game is always updated regularly, giving players the most amazing experience. PUBG Mobile After about Vietnam was released by VNG and this is also the new name for this action game in our country-PUBG Mobile VN (PUBG Mobile Vietnam).

PUBG Mobile offers three familiar game modes: Solo, Duo and Squad. At the beginning of the match, the gamer was also sent onto an airplane, then chose the appropriate position to skydive the vast island, with the task of searching for weapons, armed with hats, coats, and ambulance, and blood vessels to become the last survivor. Each match in PUBG Mobile usually lasts about 25-30 minutes.


Unique features in PUBG Mobile survival game

  • Join the fierce fighting of up to 100 players.
  • With 3 familiar game modes: Solo, Duo and Squad.
  • Search for guns, bullets, supporting items to become the ultimate survivor.
  • Customize character appearance such as hairstyle, clothing, footwear.
  • Varied weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades…
  • Features auto-picking are quite clever.
  • Small maps show both the enemy’s gunfire position.
  • Transportation is varied from cars, motorcycles, helicopters, ships, and so on.

Graphics & HD Standard audio

The game uses Unreal Engine 4 technology to provide a true, immersive graphics experience. Players will play the role of 1 action character in the game that gives a sense of experience as the 1 most realistic movie action film.

Passionate indulgence in guns

The gun was an endless inspiration in the game, and there were special weapons that had been accompanied by the PUBG brand as a “spirit Pan”, “Hat 3”, “Armor 3″… So that players can combine the best tactics and create the story of each other’s troll never before.

Let’s get the game together and team up!!

Download PUBG Mobile Vietnam


Price: Free
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PUBG Mobile Vietnam Best Survival Game
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