ShellFire shooter Game MOBA Extreme category for Android/iOS

Shellfire is a game with a combination of the two hottest genres that are currently shooting and MOBA. The Game was released by Dunia Games, a well-known developer from Indonesia. It is possible to say Shellfire with mobile version, nothing more than super product game Overwatch on PC.

Background in the game

The game’s background takes place in a future human tragedy. The development of nuclear weapons pushed humans to perdition. Some are fortunate to survive and they are all divided into two opposing factions.


Dawn Guards, where the gathered people are enlightened. These men strive to protect the hope of men, their great power to defend and build peace. But this is not easy when encountering the opposition barrier. It’s Revenant Corp., the people with ambition and try to rule the world in every way. Thus caused a fierce war to decide on the survival of mankind.

Game character System

Shellfire owns a very diverse strenuous system with role positions quite similar to the characters in the MOBA game. With the tank position you will have a stand-by role to help shield your teammates and attract damage from the intended attacker. When the tank has a damage, the rest is the position of Attack, the key damage that will take the role of attacking, destroying the target.

It is not possible for a Support person to support a team, supporting teammates as much as to help you increase the speed and strength of your teammates. Deffense at the defensive position, you will shield and defend the Allies. With each different position you will have different walkways, so when playing in any position you need to try to play all the possibilities in the general.

Shellfire Graphics

The Game is very impressive in terms of graphics, when the experience of trying a match in Shellfire you will clearly feel the vivid through beautiful visuals and effects. Still know that mobile games are not in the PC titles but Shellfire really makes me happy to experience. One interesting thing is that the Shellfire map is not fixed but is constantly changing in the game. Each map has its own unique features, opening up various tactics to exploit teams.

This is a fun game for you to download and experience.

Download ShellFire for Android/iOS

ShellFire - MOBA FPS
ShellFire - MOBA FPS
Developer: Dunia Games
Price: Free
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ShellFire shooter Game MOBA Extreme category for Android/iOS
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